How does it work?

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    You promote your site

    Using all your usual tactics, often this will mean posting links on social media, communities or via paid ads.

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  • Ad
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    People click on your links and sign up

    The users get to your site, either by following a link you or someone else has posted, by using a search engine or even by visiting your site directly.

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    Flockmetrics shows you how they signed up

    See where they came from, the content they viewed before signing up, the types of devices they used and a whole lot more.

  • Referrers
  • Devices
  • Landing pages
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    You use that data to optimise

    Now you can tailor your content, post your links and ads in more targeted ways, create segmented landing pages and focus your time and energy in places that will result in more signups.

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    Now you can go back to step one and keep reaching more customers.