What if you knew that…

62% of signups come from people blogging about your product

Understand your signups

Flockmetrics provides analytics for user signups. The key to growth is often considered to be getting users and retaining them. Flockmetrics is all about the former, giving you actionable data on how and why users are signing up to your website, web app or SaaS business. Signups are right at the critical point where visitors become your customers.

User flow

Track your metrics, experiment like a pro.

You need to be data driven, we give you data you can act on. Here are a few examples of the data we provide…

Sources and search

See which traffic results in signups. Compare referring sites, search engines and search terms.


Users and demographics

Find out which countries your users signup from, the languages that they speak and the types of devices they use.


Content performance

Track your content to see how how it performs. See which landing pages are working and which pages lead to the most signups.

Built on Google Analytics

Built on Google Analytics

If you already have Google Analytics set up on your site, you're ready to connect to your account and start understanding your signups. No complicated configuration and no need to make changes to your site.